Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Attract. Convert. Close. Delight.

Inbound MarketingInbound marketing is not something you tack on to your traditional marketing offerings; it’s an all-in commitment to a different way of approaching your business.

Just Say No to Marketing Tactics with No ROI

Instead of the old outbound marketing methods (i.e. print ads, billboards, etc.), inbound marketing focuses on creating educational, relevant, compelling content for the right people (your buyer personas) in the right places (channels) at just the right times (lifecycle stages).

Inbound Marketing is a Better Way to Market Your Business. We’ll Help You Do It.

Powered by HubSpot – We use HubSpot, the world’s only complete inbound marketing software, with our clients. We’ll get you started with HubSpot, implement tools best suited for your success and help you get the most out of the software.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Lead Generation – Creativity isn’t enough. Modern-day inbound marketers must have a high data IQ. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you develop your landing pages and calls-to-action, monitor the analytics and use data to maximize results.

Optimize Your Website – By understanding your keywords and implementing on-page search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, we will optimize your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By creating and optimizing content specifically for your ideal clients, we create a more targeted experience that moves them along your sales process.

Get Found Locally at the Exact Moment Someone is Looking for What You Do – Local SEO is fundamentally different than traditional SEO. Although they have similar goals, the tactics and measurement are fundamentally different, including the sites you are optimizing for.  Are you generating your share of clicks from the 7.5 billion monthly local searches? If your local community is important to the success of your business, we can help: claim and optimize your Google+ Local page(s); submit your business to local online directories; and manage the changes in Google and Google+ Local rankings.

Increase Reach and Engagement with Email and Social Media Marketing – Once your inbound game plan is set and your inbound machine is cranking, we identify opportunities to amplify your content using social media marketing and email marketing campaigns.

Graphic Design – Our design team consists of creative graphic designers who are also certified inbound marketers. We support our clients with all their graphics design needs including: website and infographic design, eBook and whitepaper layouts, social media, call-to-action creation, email templates and more.

Website Development – PWG Marketing designs websites using HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS). HubSpot’s COS is the first integrated website, blog and landing page system to be optimized for mobile right out-of-the-box. It’s fully integrated, seamless and adapts to each viewer’s unique context. All developers at PWG Marketing are HubSpot COS certified and proficient at creating beautiful, interactive inbound websites.

Website Analytics and Reporting – Everything we do is done to ensure you generate a return on your marketing investment. Our team will monitor your website analytics and create monthly marketing reports that show progress made toward your goals. We’ll break down your ROI and close the loop between your marketing activities and sales.

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